Beer count: 0, Scotch: 6, lolcats: 0

So summer is kicking into high gear, you know what that means you over-priced, gorgeous massage therapists? Right, It’s wabbit hunting season!  With a recession in full force, I look forward to my casual encounters (sorry Craig, no disrespect) with you on Park & Madison in midtown.  Although, I’ve become wily in these turbulent times, and I am hiding out in the not so common places.  You will no longer find me casually grazing by The Four Seasons, The Peninsula rooftop, The Campbell Apartments, or even The King Cole Lounge.  Nope, I have moved to safer, greener pastures.  There is no chance in Hell, but if you are That lady working at Madame Paulette’ reading this, get in touch. Anyway if you are a massage therapist reading this, be warned, I am going to record my next casual encounter, and hilarity will ensue.