So, while new things are prepared and edited, I will take a moment to share more of the wisdom I have earned, and learned sitting, and thinking, and spending time with myself.

Once more I have the legendary Richard Feynman to thank for this beautiful, and simple lesson.  Again, this is taken from “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman”.

The premise is that universities all over the country are throwing offers and counter-offers his way, and he is unsure of where to teach and do research.  He is currently a professor at Caltech, however, Cornell has made him a generous offer, and there are tempting breakthroughs that have just taken place in their facility.  He calls Cornell and accepts their offer, only to call back a day later to say he has changed his mind and is staying at Caltech.  This back and forth is unacceptable to him, so he decides on a solution to correct his indecisiveness:


“When you’re young, you have all these things to worry about- should you go there, what about your mother.  And you worry, and try to decide, but then something else comes up.  It’s much easier to just plain decide.  Never mind- nothing is going to change your mind.  I did that once when I was a student at MIT.  I got sick and tired of having to decide what kind of dessert I was going to have at the restaurant, so I decided it would always be chocolate ice cream, and never worried about it again- I had the solution to that problem.  Anyway, I decided it would always be Caltech.”


Do I think everything should always be chocolate ice cream?  No, of course not.  I don’t think Mr. Feynman did either.  However, most things should be.  In particular, those things that are likely to impact your life, or future in any significant way.  I decided (see?), that this should be called the, “chocolate ice cream principle”.

I have also decided to live according to it.