“Corny” QoTW.

What time is it?  Why, what a silly question! It’s time for the Quote.. of.. The… Week!

(try to imagine the announcer from the Price is Right when you read that, it’s more fun that way…..ugh… just work with me people, okay?)

This weeks QoTW came via a text message, which I will post in it’s entirety.  In short, the ghost of George Carlin decided to possess my best-est pal, and dispense some much needed dating advice:


“Yes, make her wait….that’s good.
But if you meet up, be punctual.
Being late is like ass-fucking her,
and then commenting on her hygiene.”


And with that little pearl of wisdom, I can wade confidently into the dating pool, armed with the necessary etiquette to engage in the joy of ass-fucking.


Live it, Love it, (wipe it…. had some corn yesterday didn’cha?)


3 replies on ““Corny” QoTW.”

  1. m says:

    that was def boone. speaking of, wheres this subscription link thing to see his “contributions”? I don’t get it, but I’d like to.

  2. m says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh I get it. I thought he had like his own page or something. my bad. although that would be awesome. he totally should.

  3. Tobas says:

    Just hit register and sign up, and he has a page of stuff somewhere, but I have a feeling his contributions here will be far more compelling.

    and entertaining!

    You’ve always supported me and I love you for it. I hope you are adjusting well to the new digs, and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here for you.

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