Articles from April 2009

Beyond the Thunderdome.

Singing Fool.

(Well now, lookit that! Even back then, singing, albeit poorly, could brighten my day. However, notice how the reactions, read: attention, colored my perception of how the evening went. I am certain if I had…

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Moving sale.

For the next few days (weeks?), I will be transferring the ENTIRETY of my over 1000 myspace blog entries onto TWYL. I will indicate these entries with their dates of posting. Some of these are…

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Box seats.

Honestly, I saw your pictures a little while, I was there, and perhaps there, and maybe there, Back when it mattered, Back when I cared, Do you think for a second, That I will regret…

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Dirty Bombs.

This website is in trouble. For fucks sake. Rough week doesn’t begin to describe this clusterfuck. You know things aren’t going very well when even at work, you have your boss’s wife bashing a fence door open…

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I saw a bird fly over my house today, with a still wriggling fish in its talons. It made me very happy. I must write more. I have so much.