(See? It didn’t take very long for me to wander back into the realm of listless emo ramblings. enjoy.)

October 19th, 2005.

Listless, my emotions wander, leading me to place I would altogether rather not go, take my hand, and sit me down.  What is this confusion, is it strange to want completion?  This or that, that or this, segmented, the world becomes a schizophrenics nightmare, reality matching, inside and outside, as above, so below, and as within, so without.  Packing more drama than a daytime soap, I find myself without a final answer, and when I look for the lifeline, the phone disappears.  Please hang up and try again, and again, and again, and soon the chortle of the ringing tone becomes a restless lullaby, leading me to a deathless sleep.

Pull yourself out of my swirling Charybdis, lest the foamy waters and pointed rocks leave you strewn and broken, I want everything, and I will consume you, and I will pull you down, into me.  There is still time, for the inner circle has not been reached, and I will spit you out, frightened, angry, but whole, with only the dizzying relief that comes from knowing how close you came to oblivion, and the impotent rage that comes from recklessness acknowledged.