(The title and single sentence entry read exactly right. Having failed brilliantly at matrimony, I decided that perhaps the problem was, me. Well, my brain specifically. I decided it would be best for everyone (read: me), to try and regulate whatever wacktastic stuff was hurtling around in there. Exercise? Meditation? Therapy? Nahhhh.That’s pussy shit. I needed some heavy fucking metal. So, like the logical sane individual I am, I went straight to a very old shrink who I conned effortlessly into providing me with said prescription. I can’t remember it doing much of anything except giving me the alcohol tolerance of Andre the fucking Giant. After one particular friday evening of binge drinking I awoke with the hurricane katrina of hangovers, which proceeded to last well into the next week. Needless to say, that was the end of my little experiment.)

October 23, 2005.

strangely enough, with all these new meds, all I want to do is drink excessively, and it takes forever to even get a buzz, and that goes for other things as well, but in some cases, its not always a disadvantage.