(There is one line of true importance here. That is the one about sacrifice and selfishness. I have discovered that selfish behavior and sacrifice are very misleading actions. True selfishness, and true sacrifice are the kind that stay true to their nature, one by leaving nothing but inspiration and humility in its wake, and the other, by leaving unhappiness and destruction. But I’ve often seen the most monstrous resentment arise from the most noble seeming act, and inspired drive and true sacrifice born of the most callous greed. Good and bad are meaningless and transient, and very poorly suited as a character definition)



October 10th, 2005.


What is more selfish? the detachment of now? or the gradual detachment of later? there seems to be a slim line between sacrifice and selfishness, and I feel the razor sharp fence threatening to slice my jewels in twain. the popular question these days seems to be, what do you want? well, that is a fine question, with many different, often contradicting, answers.

although humorous, my about me, is, about me. I am the proverbial bar of soap in a slippery shower, bend over to grab me, and you might catch a jailhouse surprise.