(Not only did I steal a line from avenged sevenfold and use it as a title, I also made almost no sense the entire way through. At this point, I was doing my best to cultivate “mystery man”! Mystery man is the guy who knows a lot of stuff, about veryyyyy dark and potent seeeecrets. Do not pry into my seeeeecretssssss!!! Needless to say, “mystery man” was a big hit with the cute lil damaged emo chick crowd. “Lets go open our chakras and do some magic….sexxxx magic….”)



October 11, 2005.

As far as I know, my skull does not resemble a donkey shaped mexican pinata one bit!  So then, why is it that some people feel the need to bash at it until my innermost secrets and desires come flying out like so many saccharin filled, tumor growing candies?  Or worse yet, see right through me, leaving me feeling naked, and defenseless.

call it cowardice if you will, but such vulnerability pushes me beyond tolerance, I suppose it is in support of my true first love, myself.  but that is not entirely true, because currently, I hate myself for what I am doing, but the right word is goodbye, regardless of my childish wants.

I think I understand that bit about saving one from oneself a little.