Sometimes when I am very, very tired, I drift away differently.
My thoughts become a flowing, swirling, lovely place.
And where it comes together is a warm place,
That reminds me of curling under the most comfy blanket,
On the coldest day of vacation.

I long to feel so in between,
On those mornings I cannot stand, when the sun shines,
And those birds just sing and sing,

How many more bitter little sentences must I spew,
To bring myself to swallow as many as I am due,
I think little by little is all it took,
So little by little I will take,

Do what is right and you will make it,
Make what and why?
All of your toil and all of your triumph, and all of your joy,
Pain, pride, laughter and cries,
Time reveals truth and ironic reward,
All the same we wither and die,

Trotsky and Lenin were prophets of living,
Abhorrent is the penalty that we pay,
Kill if you must, save if you save,
Communism wins out at the finish,
We die anyway, just the same.