So, I decided to avoid facebook, even though everyone I know, and pretty much have ever known is on there. Even though that is how I can keep in touch with MY family, particularly overseas.

I cut off my feed, to my writing website, which I PAY for, and import because it costs me, I may as well get maximum exposure for it.

I retracted any statement, which might have been offensive, and offered an apology.

Still. STILL. I have a group of people which seem to believe that I am some malicious, hateful person, who is not worthy to have a relationship with their family member.

I think I’m okay. Enough so that I should not be a question, in that sense, at the very least.

It is so hurtful, that I should be judged so harshly. I am human, and therefore prone to error. One would think that all those who are so judgmental and unforgiving would be the pinnacles of perfection, in order to create such a justified opinion.

So be it then. I have said what I want, and what I am willing to do.

I understand that if this is truly not enough, I will have to just move on.

I am worth more than an agonizing decision.

Much more.