Just the two of us in this room,
Well, no, three, if you count him in the corner,
Waving that brown trunk all around,
Sniffling, Snuffling, all about,

How could you not see him?
He’s huge, he’s hairy,
No, I don’t mean me,
Him, HIM,


No, look, he’s real, I swear,
Just look a little harder,
Keep looking, I’m sure you’ll see him,
You said you saw him once, didn’t you?

Maybe you just never saw him at all.
I think that might hurt the worst.

It breaks my heart to little missing pieces,
When I sit and think,
Of people and places and creatures and feelings,
Gone extinct,

I think I may just leave this room,
And take my furry friend with me,
Because I will always see my invisible elephant,
So I will choose to not see you instead

I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like the klu klux klan.
I do not eat the meat called spam.
I just quietly cry and say over and over,

Goodbye Sam,
Goodbye Sam,
Goodbye Sam,
Goodbye Sam.