Two pups.

Early this morning, I walked into the kids room to check on them.  It was 4:30am and they were in a deep sleep.  Face to face they slept, their little noses maybe two inches apart.

Two little pups in a litter, sleeping soundly.

It was so cute and so sad at the same time.  Because as much as they squabble, they cling to each other for support.  I hope they stay close.

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  1. Just an old friend or something like that says:

    I still glance at your site from time to time. I always did enjoy reading what you wrote. I still think you are an amazing writer. Just thought I would let you know. I still think about the boys often and miss them too. I wish things could have been different..maybe if we would have just been friends from the start and left it at that things would have been different..I never hated you, I want you to know. I didn’t then and don’t now either. I hope you are happier now and I hope you are enjoying your boys. Call me crazy but I miss your mom too..LOL Actually I mean that. I hope this note finds you doing well for yourself!

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