Waves pUlSaTe when I turn the dial,
Zip through the air,
For miles and miles and miles,
Bouncing in and bouncing off,
Cur..ving, Tw..is..ting, S..h..a..k..i..n..g..
Talking, SCREAMING <<< , whispers making…

…me weep when I think of someone sweet,
I could turn that knob again and again,

left         <…………………….>               right

All I heard was fuzzy sounds from all around,
But every now and then a voice cuts in,
and takes me for a while…
It hugs me tight, closely watching a woman’s eyes,
It whispers again…

she lies…she lies…she lies…

I twist my wrist and make a fist,
and listen to the man who sold his life,
Giant, soaking, breathless, wracking sobs,
I twist again to turn within,
and sigh with resignation,

One day the sounds abruptly changed,
My hand went still, no twist, no fist,
A beautiful hum that made me think of bumblebees,
Filled me with a need,

No, I would not rest until I found that sound,
made a left, and then a right,
Then another, ducking under a gate marked kait,

Whats the frequency,
So that I can see you frequently,
How far must I turn this knob,
To hear you laughing next to me?

You smiled a dazzling smile,
dimply dots denoting devilishness,
hand HELD out,
Made into a fist,

I held my breath for a moment or two ,
Inside was the knob inscribed with two words,