Hello gorgeous, it’s me.

I smell you everytime you put your face near,
I taste you when I put my lips where I now take liberty,
Don’t think for a second my love,
That I have forgotten what it felt like to sit across from you,
In silence,

It may have been a weird mood,
Perhaps it was a bad night,
In hindsight,
It was you telling me to keep you around,

So I did,
So here we are,

I have no plans to let you be,
Without me,
So keep me at arms length,
Until you have a good grasp of my weaknesses,
And my strengths,

Control me,
But don’t you dare, let me know,
Because you can,
Whether or not you think you can,
Because I think, that I think,
That you, can.

Don’t let me down.

Don’t let me down.

Because what am I worth,
How much suffering would you feel,

To keep me here with you.

How many horses would you kill,
To make the glue,
That keeps me here with you.