Why so serious?
Asked I, before I stole that line,
Have any of you the time?
Oh, thank you, it’s 3:23,
Here is the moment to log in,
And write about angst and tries,
With no intention of being successful.

So beg your pardon,
I will now compose for you,
A bit of prose,
It is about everything I feel,
My pain, so deep,

Eh he-he-hem,

“Me me, me me me me me me, mememe, me, me, meme me me me me….”

Oh my, I can’t seem to get the words right,
I do hate my poetry,
I hate it, I hate myself,
Will you have a look?
I know, it’s no good, you can say it,
It’s ok, really,
I’m terrible, god, I know, don’t even waste your time,
Sure…ugh, fine, yes, here is another,

Eh he-he-he…he-heeeee-hem,

“Me.  Me me, me me, me me.  MEMEMEMEMEMEmeMEME! me….me…me..”

I can’t help it, I see things,
Like no one else does, you know?
All those ‘other’ superficial people,
They are the sad ones,
Wrapped up in their lives,
They. Just. Don’t. Get it.
You know?

I feel like we are totally connecting,
You know?
It’s weird,
It’s so weird,
I think you’re beautiful,
I feel like I was meant to meet you,
Like maybe, it was fate or something,
Like, everything happens for a reason,
Us, here, you know?
One more, this one is about you,

Eh he-he-hem, hem, hem,

“……me….meMEMEme….me….me.me, me, me…..you…MEMEMEMEME..”

I understand, yes, you aren’t ready for that,
I know, I’ve been hurt too,
Of course I don’t mind,
It isn’t all just about that.
I am not a slave to my flesh-box,
Our spirits have bonded…

(Fucking bullshit what a fucking tease why the hell did she hang out with me and listen to all of my bullshit and then nothing, I know she fucked some idiot I am way smarter and wayyy deeper than last week at some party drunk and IIIII dont merit even a hand job what the fuck I’m going to get this out in another poem about my heart bleeding because I am above making it perfectly clear that I have a raging fucking boner for her because I’m BETTER than that……


“MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMMEMEMEMFEDEMMECMMMEMEM!!!!!! ME….me, me, me….me..MEMMEME..ME, ME, me…me….::sob::..me…”)


“no one fucking gets me…”

(I’m just that fucking special)

**repost from myspace blog.