It did occur to me earlier.

There is no use in harboring ill feelings for the dog you mis-treated and sent packing that loves his kind new owner.

This is clear nonsense.

Loving another human being is caring without motivation.  Once this definition is felt, it becomes impossible to return to the old empty meaning, which implies possession more than anything else.  You are mine, your love is mine, your future is mine, etc.  Genuine understanding is the toothpaste squeezed.  There is just no easy way back into the old tube.

My heart does not ache, nor does it swell.

Either one of these ‘feelings’ should entail a trip to the ER immediately.  My heart pumps blood into my circulatory highway and is essential to my survival.

It does not break, or mend, nor can it be given away.  Not while I’m alive anyway.

Love needs no theatrics.  In fact, the purest sentiment is often the most quiet.

These ideas are heavy, but only if they are carried too long.

They come and go.  Thoughts.  I don’t need to hold on to them.  This creates a hum almost, and for a moment, I could burst with joy, and then it is quickly released.

Move along now consciousness, we don’t want to hold up the line.