Monthly Archives: September 2008


Things will often take care of themselves if simply left to be.  This is not to say they will always be to your liking, however, there are certain instances in which one can be reasonably certain of a general outcome either way.

Patience is a virtue indeed.


There are individuals, with a certain type of personality.  This type generally feels that they are owed something.  So, they will thoughtlessly and ceaselessly trample on and over your personal boundaries, with the justification that your lack of validation has, hurt their feelings.

If you are lucky, they will give up and be on their way in due time.  In which case, you got off cheap.


I had so much fucking fun singing, two days in a row.

I finally did Murder she wrote.  But I didn’t do the lyrical portions justice I think, so I am going to study it and do it again next week.

A healthy mindset perpetuates.

both wine and vinegar are tasty and useful.

It did occur to me earlier.

There is no use in harboring ill feelings for the dog you mis-treated and sent packing that loves his kind new owner.

This is clear nonsense.

Loving another human being is caring without motivation.  Once this definition is felt, it becomes impossible to return to the old empty meaning, which implies possession more than anything else.  You are mine, your love is mine, your future is mine, etc.  Genuine understanding is the toothpaste squeezed.  There is just no easy way back into the old tube.

My heart does not ache, nor does it swell.

Either one of these ‘feelings’ should entail a trip to the ER immediately.  My heart pumps blood into my circulatory highway and is essential to my survival.

It does not break, or mend, nor can it be given away.  Not while I’m alive anyway.

Love needs no theatrics.  In fact, the purest sentiment is often the most quiet.

These ideas are heavy, but only if they are carried too long.

They come and go.  Thoughts.  I don’t need to hold on to them.  This creates a hum almost, and for a moment, I could burst with joy, and then it is quickly released.

Move along now consciousness, we don’t want to hold up the line.


I believe I can expand on my statement about cleaning.

At a certain point, that repeats, cleaning happens on its own.

This is true in almost every scenario.

The process remains as horrifying in all of these scenarios.



“One must be as a child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

makes a lot more sense to me than it used to.

salty surprise.

Imagine my surprise today, when walking to my work van, I suddenly felt a large mucous-y, liquid ball form in the back of my throat.  I unleashed the gob, which promptly splashed down and splattered into a chaotic red swirl.  It seemed like an awfully large amount of blood for a simple cut in my mouth.  Upon entering the van, I opened my mouth and looked at my glands.  All that was missing were the CSI investigators.  It was a bloodbath.

I bled until my stomach hurt, saw my ENT, and discovered that quitting smoking isn’t just about fighting urges.  It’s about cleaning, and cleaning happens on it’s own, and it can be horrifying.

I now have two boys in grade school.

Man, that made me feel old.