end the sentence with a period.

There are several large, unanswered questions about my life and it’s current direction.  Recently I have discovered that it is quite alright to not have answers to questions when you are simply not ready for the answer.  This is preferable actually.  I equate the phrase, ‘it’s karma’, with, ‘everything happens for a reason’.  Both are nonsense.

If one is lucky enough to progress in a direction that leads to greater balance and stability (the foundations), then what happens is what the moment brings that imparts realization.  The reason is simply this, you attached significance as a result of your experience.  All things within observable reality are arbitrary until given definition within the limits of human understanding.

With this said, I can now safely say that one of my large questions has a real answer.

Her name is Kaitlyn.

2 replies on “end the sentence with a period.”

  1. sadfisfd says:

    ahh, so this is the most recent one that is your new-founded love that will change your life forever because it is definitely “for forever” this time and everything else pales in comparison… I can almost hear the wedding bells, once again.


  2. sadfisfd says:

    oh, another 10 years younger one that you are getting matching tattoos with..

    I hope its not an exclamation point.

    fuck, I imagined this exact situation in my brain not too long ago, a few days perhaps… and I was surprised to find that I was not absolutely devastated by the mere thought of it. only a slight pain ran through my chest, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

    you know how I hate being wrong.

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