Monthly Archives: June 2008

the dam.

Lately I have been simply just performing maintenance on the site, mostly cleaning out the porn and prescription drug spam that inevitably clogs my comment list.  I have shackled myself in terms of storytelling, mostly for fear of offending and /or alienating people that I know.  I am aware that I will have to throw caution to the wind eventually, and let the chips fall where they may.

So, hopefully sooner than later, there will be some things of interest recorded here for public consumption.  I can’t possibly hold all these stories inside much longer. 


I am late.

So quickly, I will record this anomaly.

Years ago, I was given a white leather sectional couch from my godmother.  This couch stayed in my house about 3 years or so before we bought new ones and threw it on the curb.  It disappeared, presumably garbage, and I never saw it again.

Until yesterday.

It is cleaned up, but it is the same couch.  In HER house.

My couch.

What are the odds?


There sir, is your anomaly.


Hindsight can sometimes be a funny thing.  Rarely fun, but sometimes funny.

It allows you to look backwards and take stock from a fresh perspective.  It is often at times like those that you find yourself wrinkling your nose and asking yourself, what in the bloody hell was I thinking exactly?

Just a walking talking tosspot, a regular tosser if you will.

I am trying my very hardest to integrate those two terms into my everyday speech.  Ah british, whatever would I do without your clever and incomprehensible slang words?