game set.

I have just had experienced the most incredible, fun, life-altering, surprising, night I have ever had in my entire life.  All of the sudden everything else is a pale imitation.  I have seen something very, very real, and I have felt something very real.  No lies, no excuses, no questions.  Just plain and simple truth laid out before my eyes.

This is all I can muster before I get a little rest, and continue on to day two of the rest of my life.

I have not had a single person make me feel validated and worthwhile to any real degree, or without reservations, or excuses and manipulations.  In my entire existence.  This has all of the sudden drastically changed.  I am sitting here, typing, and the shock has yet to completely wear off.  I think I have a very good idea of exactly what I’m worth now, and who exactly is deserving of it.  I say show me.  You mean it?  Show me.

So she did.

Imagine that.

I have the strength left to give one last small laugh at the nonsense I have had to put up with in the name of love, when all the while, it is things such as the ones I have witnessed this evening that are truly the things one should receive in the name of love.

Game, set, and match.

6 replies on “game set.”

  1. ME says:

    I want it to be last Thursday again..I miss you 🙁

  2. ME says:

    Is it June yet?

  3. ME says:

    Are we there yet?

  4. ME says:

    2 weeks left!

  5. ME says:

    This was a good night. Can’t believe it’s nearly 5 years ago. Still, I remember it very clearly. You wore a striped shirt and black leather jacket. You pinned me to the brick wall outside the pub held my face with both hands and laid one of the best kisses ever on me.
    🙂 This was a good night.

  6. Tobas says:

    I will never forget that night. I smiled so hard my face hurt.

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