(I am thinking of expanding upon this, for some reason, I enjoy stories about flesh eating monsters very much, they creep me out, but I cannot get enough of them, yes, I find it strange as well.  Speaking of flesh eating monsters, I have much to say on the topic of Tori Spelling (you said what Tobas??), yes Tori Spelling, and, that godforsaken piece of garbage that had the moral inepititude to cuckold her poor idiot of a husband on national television.  This is what happens when Tobas sits in doctors offices all day, with nothing on but cackling hens on the view, and people magazine to read.  No wonder this nation is going in the toilet….perhaps this is why I enjoy these doomsday zombie stories, because it might be worth it just to see these soul-less wretches have their limbs torn off by bloodthirsty cameramen and producers) 

 I remember that first day so well.

No one knew what was going on at first. Only a few of us had a clue as to why our loved ones suddenly turned on us, deaf to pleas for mercy. They ripped each other to pieces, whole families, tearing each other apart. Father and mothers, snarling, dangling infant limbs from mouths running red with innocent blood.

Soccer moms fled ballfields, eyes wide with terror. “Jimmy’s tee-ball game is postponed this evening on account of the field crawling with carnivorous humanoids.” I laughed crazily thinking about the phone calls that must have flown around following those first few days of chaos. A few of us, who read and watched books and movies on this, we had an idea. So, armed with crobars and hospital scrubs, we organized into small bands, crushing soft rabid skulls methodically.