Another day, another book.  This time, it is a so far very enjoyable novel entitled, A monk jumped over a wall, by Jay Naussbaum.  Like every novel I have read recently, something jumped out at me.

“Well,” I took another drink, “one day you’ll what I’m talking about.  You don’t choose it, and if it chooses you, you don’t fight it.” My head felt heavy.  Ed seemed farther away than he was.  I looked down into my glass.  “You just trust it, and no matter where it takes you, you go.  Because even if it takes you through hell, you survive.  And even the burns, they’re okay, you know?  They brand you.  They leave you with something, I don’t know… something.”

“But why would it take you through hell in the first place, is my point.”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “Love’s a miracle; maybe you’re supposed to have to earn it.”

“What a romantic.”

“Okay then, you tell me- why would I choose this?  Over the past few months, this woman has annihilated me.  Why do you think I still want her back?”

These questions are perplexing, and very real.