It’s really not working.  None of it.  So little by little, you just say goodbye, until there are only a few very essential things left to say goodbye to.

This has been a very quiet place, so when I write here, It is as if I am having an internal discourse.  This is necessary at times.

I think I have just about tied up all the loose ends.

So, this way, most everything is taken care of.  Now all that is left is me.  People are funny that way.  No one knows me at all.  I am a terrible liar.  Well no, let me amend that.  I am a fantastic liar.  What is truly terrible is how skilled I am at it.  I hated being lied to, but a part of me could appreciate a convincing lie when I heard it.  I was the consumate professional, listening to my craft, and in that detached part of me, nodding with approval.

Like everything else, it does get tiring.  At some point, you just don’t want to do it anymore.  I still have my mask on for the moment, my pretty, witty mask.  I’m starting to sweat underneath, so, it may be time to remove it soon.

I chose the wrong path.  I am a born actor.  Like every typecast actor however, this role does get to be a burden.

I let go.  Then so did everyone else.  Just as it should be.