And so it was, that Random Factor had fallen in love with the girl sent to destroy him.  Too young, and indeed cursed.  I love stories from the world of Xanth.

“It has started with the kiss.  He had seen her laugh, and just had to kiss her.  Then the little orbiting hearts had enclosed them, and it was love.  They had been destined, or enchanted, to fall in love at their first opportunity.  He with her, so that he could not avoid her.  She with him so that she would constantly seek him out.  That was the first half of the trap.  Now they both wanted to avoid the second half.”

“How could they escape it, when they couldn’t stay away from each other?  That was the awful, wonderful challenge.  The Heaven and Hell of it.”

Thankfully for the denizens of Xanth, Piers Anthony is well in charge of things, and will certainly find a way for human turned centaur debra, and random factor to be together, despite a large and inappropriate difference in age, and several magically challenging obstacles.

Real life is hardly as accommodating.