So far so good,

I haven’t seen a thing for days and days,
Shapes and sounds,
None of them mean a thing to me,

So far, so good,

I can run as fast as I want,
And I can jump as high as I like,
I can touch the sky and never see a thing,

So far, so good,

Hands reach out and touch me,
Fingers brushing against my skin,
Cold and clammy,
Out of the sun, you can’t see a thing,

But so far, so good,

Tickling my throat, little caress,
Frigid blue lips kiss the tips,
I can’t feel a thing from where I stand,
And I can get so high, and never see the sun,
It touches me, never giving warmth,
And I can’t see a thing anymore,

But, so far, so good,

So far, so good.