I’m on this train you see,
And it keeps moving forward,
I stay on with ticket in hand,
Hoping it will bring me to another land,

I don’t know how long this ride will last,
So I’ll hold on for dear life,
I do know it cannot last,
The bitter end is soon in sight,

Hang on my dear, it’s almost done,
I hope you had fun,

I will try to complete this journey,
Handicapped and no place to go,
Sad, I know,
This life hopefully made whole,

Push away the madness here,
On this car in which I rest,
Do not unhitch this car my dear,
I will finish, not just yet,

Let me ride a little longer,
Complete the course I have embarked,
Education of all different kinds,
Degrees I’ll earn and higher marks,

Hopefully I don’t derail,
Hitch attached that keeps on track,
Give me the chance to arrive safely,
So that I may never lack.