I believe in fairness.  Really, I do.

So, I have thought about it, and I think I have devised a fair and equitable system for deciding how child support payments should be meted out.

Basically, you take the husband and wife, father, mother, whatever.  You sit them in front of a judge, and you ask a simple question.

Do you want to be with each other?

One or the other will certainly answer in the negative.  So, if the woman says she has no desire to be with the man anymore, then, it should be up to the man how much he wants to provide in terms of monetary support.  And the same should be vice versa. 

Look, it’s really rather simple, the spouse who gets custody of the kids is reponsible for their well-being and upbringing the majority of the time, if they feel they are better off without the other parent, then they are making the concious choice to go it on their own.  They are deciding for them, and for the children, who sadly have no real choice in the matter. 

Really, is that so unreasonable?

You make babies with someone, at that point, your desires should be second to everything.  So, should you be so selfish as to put yourself first, and deny them what they deserve, shouldn’t you have to pay the consequences?  Hey, look, if both parties agree that it cannot be made to work, then so be it, the support must be worked out in a reasonable manner between the two.

But, as long as one shows a desire to put the children first, shouldn’t that count for something?

Not in this country it seems.  The laws are so skewed it’s ridiculous. 

I believe in equal rights for everyone.  Man, woman, gay, straight, whatever.  But look, as long as women sit back complacent as men are railroaded by the courts, I say fuck womens lib and all that.  It is flat out unfair.

Look, call me jaded or sexist or whatever you want, but there are enough women that I have talked about this with that see it exactly as I do. 

Why is this such a difficult thing?  You think you can do it without me, so, ok, do it without me!  But no, instead, the argument is, oh, but they are your kids too, so you have to pay me for them.

Uh, no, you turned me into part-time parent, and now you are extracting ransom payments so I can see them every now and then.  But see, I wanted to be there all the time, and do the right thing, you don’t, so now I have to pay through the nose because you have to “live your life”?  I’m sorry, but isn’t that how life goes?  You make your choices and live with them?

Ah but no, not here, and not if you’re a woman.

But like I said, I am for equal rights.  I think that it should go both ways.  If the guy says he doesn’t want it, then hey, that’s on him and he should pony up the cash.

The legal system is a joke.  As long as women continue to willingly play the victim in a courtroom then they deserve to be paid less than a man for doing the same job and so on.  Because at the end of the day, it all evens out when you stand in front of a judge expecting fairness.

Fuck being politically correct.  That is the truth of it and I don’t fucking care who is offended.