Sure, fergie might have fooled the rest of the gullible adoring public, but not me!  I’m more riled up than fergies dopamine receptors!  This was more fun than a meth fueled masquerade orgy,

Ladies and Gentlemen, presents for your enjoyment,



Big Street Walkers Don’t Cry. 



Da, Da, Da, Where’s my DaDa?

The smell of his spunk lingers on me now,
He’s probably on his way back home to his wife and kids,
I get my shelter from the money he gives me,
And then I act like I miss the guy I ditched,
So I can have peace and serenity,


I hope you know, I hope you know,
That I’m not gonna tell the truth,
It’s personal, real personal,
I need lots of strange cock,
And I’m gonna act like I miss you,
But I got lots of partying and meth to do,
It’s time to be a big whore,
And big whores don’t cry,
Don’t cry,
Don’t cry,
Don’t cry,

The path that I am walking, I won’t walk alone,
I’ll probably be in a gang bang,
With many men who are full grown,
Fairytales don’t always have happy endings,
Unless I’m in the story baby,
Because a night with me always means a happy ending,
And the only dark that I forsee,
Is the one I keep you in,


Like the girl playing doctor with all the little boys in the school yard,
I’ll play with your naughty parts,
And then I’ll do your best friend too,
Yes, you can hold me like a bowling ball if you want to,
I’ll lie to you and tell you my lovers are just friends and playmates,
And that it’s time for me to go home, when I’m taking it from behind,
It’s getting late, and I have another guy to blow,
I need to eat his cream by myself,
And then cry about how much I miss you,
For my peace and serenity.


La, Da, Da, where is my DaDa?