What a funny thing it is, to insert oneself into a unit,
To boldly proclaim that one belongs,
This is my place, right here,
A spot staked out and lines drawn,

Do you see my little patch here?
My little area that I call my own?
Amongst you, in this place,
Anyplace, as long as I have what is mine,

Until she says enough,
When she says when,
And only then, shall I relinquish what I have fought so hard for,

But grudgingly, I will admit,
Because a smile that big comes from within,
It cannot be helped,
Lips curl involuntarily, to my chagrin,

I have found a soft warm place,
At last, as the song sings to me,
Someplace that smells like a home I never knew,
Where past regret melts like water cubes left out,

Show me that brilliant gaze again,
And blind me with a mouthful of joy,
See, this is sight,
This is life,

Show me what I wanted,
Let me touch it, taste it,
In full view,
I am here, this is living,

When I am with you.

I feel so very alive,
When I am with you.