I tried to write you a poem my love,
About all the things I could give you,
I tried to think of all things I had to offer,
But I could think of nothing,

Just these two hands writing the words,

That’s all my baby, that’s all I can give,
Just these two hands,

When you are thirsty,
I can cup them and give you a cool drink of water,

When you are tired,
I can pillow your head so you can sleep,

When you slip and fall,
I can catch you and hold you up,

When you are sad,
I can stroke your head and tell you it’ll be okay,

When you are threatened,
I can ball them into fists to keep the danger at bay,

When you are cold,
I can rub your arms to keep you warm,

When you cry,
I can wipe those tears away,

When you are far away and alone,
I can dial the phone so you can hear my voice again,

When muscles are tight from a hard days work,
I can rub them until the pain becomes a soft sleepy warmth,

When your feet ache,
I can sit with you and take it away,

When we are old and walk slowly,
I can hold you as we walk a quiet path,

When it’s time for me to slip away,
I can caress your face and tell you how much I love you one last time,

But that’s all I have,
Everything that I can give,
Just these hands my darling,

Not soft, not hard,
But yours, my love,

Yours if you want them.