I never felt a loss so keen,
As when I lost the ancient dream,
I never loved a soul so much,
Until I lost the flesh to touch,

I never mourned a childs death,
Until god took his last breath,
I never saw the world as clear,
Until I relinquished all my fear,

I never felt the joy of good,
Until I knew I didn’t have to,
But I should,

My badness never weighed on me,
Until I knew there was no one to see,
And no one to forgive,
But me,

I never hugged my sons as hard,
I never loved my life as much,
I never did a bit of real good,
I never felt as responsible,
I never felt so strong,
I never knew I had a choice,
I never liked being human as much,
I never stopped taking this all for granted,

As much as the day, when I knew,

There is nothing but a sky that looks blue,
And there is nothing but ground that feels solid,
And there is nothing but people,
Some who do good things, and some who do bad,

All on their own.