Don’t feed the animals,
I see the sign, I read it right,
I know exactly what it means,
But I still open the package of meat,

They come sniffing, wanting,
I am here, I let them see it,
I let them smell it,
I let them come so close,

What am I, but one of you,
They see me, one of their own,
Don’t feed the animals,
So says the sign,

I understand it, I know what it means,
But I am one of you,
I feed myself,
I feed my fucking self,

When I gave them meat,
I sated my own terrible hunger,
Those luminescent eyes,
Closing where I can see,

Satisfied, finally,
Fucking satisfied,

Terrible beast, horrible beast,
You are me, and I hate you for it,
Your glow is my own,
Reflected in that desperate gaze,

I am you,
I am not you,

Leave me alone,
Take your meat,
I am not you, I am not,

But here I lay,