Every year, right around this time, I go downstairs to take a shower, and before I step into it, I see a fat brown spider on the white floor.  It doesn’t move, but it isn’t dead. 

And every year I take a pair of needle nose pliers, and take it by one of it’s hairy little legs, and either flush it down the toilet, or open a window and let it go.  The past few years, I have opened a window and let it go on it’s merry way.  There is no use killing him, as he would do much more good outdoors, eating all those pesky mosquitos..

This year he was feisty.  He ran from my pliers, and I knocked him back, time and time again.  Finally, he grew tired and I took him as usual.  He curled in a little ball and patiently awaited his fate.

Imagine his surprise as the fresh air hit his senses.  I hope he does well with his second chance.  Perhaps he will build a web and catch lots of little annoying bugs, and if all goes well, he will produce a nice little clutch of eggs with a female somewhere.  Or perhaps not.  Either way, I spared his life.  It’s a thank-less job.

I’m all about second chances.

I know what it feels like not to get one.