Whooof.  It’s been a rough week for the ol’ Tober, a near fatal car wreck (turns out one can actually survive having a heart torn from a chest cavity, take that scary shaman from Indiana jones and the temple of doom!), indecision, unrest, exhaustion, tears, and everything in between.  It’s enough to keep an army of emo kids video blogging for ten minutes at least. 

So, while he is still recovering (painfully I might add), he is certain to make a full recovery. 

Talking to him earlier, I realized something.  Tobas lost something in that wreck.  Or perhaps he gained something, I am not entirely sure.  But it was clear to me that he is not the same Tobas.  I am uncertain as to how this will manifest itself, but I have a feeling stories on here are about to get a whole lot more interesting.  It may take a while however, as Tobas is currently crying into a small bowl of syrup laden peaches.  My advice to him currently is to keep his face above the bowl, as the salty tears create a nice contrast to the sugary sweetness of the fruit. 

In truth, he feels like a great fool.  And I don’t blame him one bit.  But like most of us, he let his emotions get the best of him.  Watching him now, I doubt he will be making that mistake again anytime soon. 

He wrote a little poem on the napkin next to his tray,

The itsy bitsy spider,
Went up the spout,

Climbed so high,
And climbed so far,
He could not find his way out,

Now resigned to his little fate,
A little web he did create,

In the middle he sat,
Eight glistening eyes,
In his web of lies.

I am unsure as to the meaning of it, but when he is fully fit and recovered, I am sure he will tell us all himself.

So, for now,

Live it, Love it,

and stay tuned.