Fluff the pillows and spread the sheets,
Fold the covers nice and neat,
Crawl inside to feel your heat,
Next to you I fall asleep,

When I dream, it’s this I see,
Your face, quiet and peaceful,
Next to me,
Breathing easy,

Subtle sweat that I can feel,
Touch you, pinch you,
Is this even real?

Last night I prayed so silently,
Whispering so none can hear,
Hope that someones listening to me,
Hope it falls not on deaf ears,

Make this feeling last a while,
Make this night last all a life,

Let me have this night forever,
Let this lady be my wife,

Youth I know will play a factor,
Lots to learn, and more I’ve heard,
Over and over I’ve heard the same old song,
So I pray that it’s played wrong,

Grow with time, stronger still,
This love you hold and demonstrate,
I will never get my fill,
Want of you will never sate.