I saw meet the robinsons last night.  It was better than I expected, and the time travel theme was a bonus.  I liked it so much, I’m going to stick to that.

Late one night as I lay awake, dreaming of the days gone by,

I traveled back there, to that place, once again to see your face,

Thinking of the ways it went, and all the ways it could have gone,

Makes me want to make a way, a path to catch that fateful day,

Turn around and take the picture, paint the glows in happy dark,

There you see she plainly hates you, That will always be true,

Stop myself from chasing gold,

Not white, not yellow, it’s the fools type,

Marry her, marry her,

Don’t believe the hype.


Eh, I got lazy at the end, it happens.  More coming soon, blah blah blah.



11 replies on “McFly.”

  1. ! says:

    I liked it except for the odd incestual twist.

  2. thejewsays says:

    stop obessing. get a hobby.

  3. ! says:

    Did we tell Keats to stop obsessing over inner conflict? No, cause then we wouldn’t have “Ode on a Grecian Urn” or “The Eve of St. Agnes,” or even “Ode to a Nightingale”.

    Sure, it’s annoying, but this IS their hobby. It’s writing. Not obsessing.

  4. thejewsays says:

    sorry, but i dont agree. being neurotic is not a hobby. and while sadly, most “artists” have issues.. it doesnt change the facts.

  5. Tobas says:

    Alright, so I am somewhat obssessive that my life was hijacked and derailed. So I’m still healing, and I think I will be healing until either,

    A) I’m happily remarried


    B) I’m not a slave to her still

    Sadly, neither of these seem to be a prospect anytime soon, therefore, I will remain angrier than a drunken scotsman, and more bitter than a british pint.

  6. ! says:

    Now he has neurosis? Just based on this? Let’s not get carried away now.

  7. thejewsays says:

    to tobas: funny how you being happy again is tied into other peoples actions and not your own.. actually no, not funny.
    your happiness is in your hands, and if you keep putting it on other people, you will keep being disappointed.
    thats a life lesson, learn it.

    to !: definately not just based on this.

  8. Tobas says:

    Of course it is based on other people, it has to be, because simply put, my unhappiness is tied to other people as well, more specifically, one person.

    If I were left alone and not left perpetually financially crippled, well, chances are I’d be alot happier, being happily remarried would be a direct offshoot of freedom from the aforementioned human, therefore, making me extremely happy.

    Happiness is directly tied to self-actualization, and when you are dug into a hole by another person, and then kept in that hole, it makes it extremely difficult to realize your potential and subsequent happiness,

    By your logic, the slaves that whites held should have had nothing to complain about because they were fixated on the bondage they were put in. Sure, they could sing songs and try to crack a smile, but realistically, true happiness ultimately depended on their eventual freedom.

    Trying to ignore the slavemaster does not make you any less a slave. And I, am not happy being tied to another person who does not want me for anything but monetary means.

    So yes, being happy again is absolutely tied to another person, as it is another person who is directly responsible for making me unhappy. I cannot, and will not ignore that fact.

    I have been, and am being crushed by another human being, and there is very little I can do about it, this is a very difficult thing to ignore, and frankly, I think ignoring it is the most unhealthy approach to take, as this tends to let things build up and create coping methods that really and truly can turn obssessive and dangerous.


  9. thejewsays says:

    sorry but none of your rationalizations fly with me. you still have a choice. your life is tied in with other people, not your happiness.

    you are currently paying child support.. for your children. sorry if im not pulling out the violin for you. you had children, therefore, you are paying for them. as if you were still living with her and being the provider. except in this case, you arent with her. you dont love her, she doesnt love you, you arent supposed to be together, therefore, you arent.

    the sooner you decide to accept that and move on with your life, the sooner your life will get better.

    and while your home situation sucks, mine sucked more. way. more. and i didnt whine and cry and devalue the people in my life and talk about suicide.

    i sucked it up and got the hell out.
    on $5.50 an hour.

    so sorry if im not crying for you. ive been in a way worse situation then you and i got through.

    be a man. be a father. and stop freaking whining and bitching and moaning about it.
    it doesnt benefit you in any way, and it only serves to help you enhance the negatives.
    i’d suggest therapy.. but whatever. dont get therapy, but a new outlook on life would help. obviously your current outlook isnt very helpfull.. so a change seems necessary, no?

  10. Tobas says:

    well, lets leave all the love stuff out of it now, shall we?

    lets focus on a key phrase,

    “I sucked it up and got the hell out.
    on $5.50 an hour.”

    ah, that sucks, but what freedom!

    Imagine that, all 5.50 for you. Where as my 5.50, would be more like 2.25.

    Yes, it is child support, and child care, which, by the way, is wayyy more than child support. Just because I have to pay it, and should pay it, doesnt make it anymore easier to swallow.

    Remember, I made those kids too, and I want those kids, and I can’t have them. And, I really enjoyed making those kids, I was far from a reluctant father.

    Perhaps you have been in a worse situation, but at least there is no one dipping into your earnings now, with nothing to show for it on your end.

    My current outlook is abysmal, that I will concede, however, when a change does occur, I will be sure to adjust it accordingly.

    Oh, and there is a huge difference between we weren’t supposed to be together, and, she didn’t want to be with me. Sadly, my case was of the latter variety. Sadder still, she prefered the company of one who clearly was/is not willing to make the same level commitment.

    Once again, big difference.

  11. ! says:

    Is it too late to jump in on the fun?

    Oh well.

    To thejewsays:

    Why are you pulling out your own sob story to only say that he should not do the same?

    He at least has the excuse of it being, ya know, his site and all, and you have what? Oh, nothing. Except for the brilliant ability to shine hypocrisy all over this page.

    “and while your home situation sucks, mine sucked more. way. more.”

    Stop one-upping the kid because it is making you look really foolish. It’s almost childish and even sad, the, WELL I SUFFERED MORE!!!!, thing.

    I do agree with you in that therapy could help him, I do, but I also recommend it for you as well.

    You obvously have some past issues bottled up, because otherwise you would have been able to give him criticism without bringing your own Lifetime channel baggage to the table. Pack it up and go home, or take it to a shrink yourself.

    Just like how you don’t give a rats ass about how his life may “suck”, no one gives a quarter pound whopper about your Burger King job.

    If anyone is searching desperately for violins here, it’s you.

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