I saw meet the robinsons last night.  It was better than I expected, and the time travel theme was a bonus.  I liked it so much, I’m going to stick to that.

Late one night as I lay awake, dreaming of the days gone by,

I traveled back there, to that place, once again to see your face,

Thinking of the ways it went, and all the ways it could have gone,

Makes me want to make a way, a path to catch that fateful day,

Turn around and take the picture, paint the glows in happy dark,

There you see she plainly hates you, That will always be true,

Stop myself from chasing gold,

Not white, not yellow, it’s the fools type,

Marry her, marry her,

Don’t believe the hype.


Eh, I got lazy at the end, it happens.  More coming soon, blah blah blah.