My days are kinda black you see,
Joyous life eluded me,
These days are wrapped in misery,
Happiness, a mystery,

Sleep so rare I can’t believe,
Bed too big to fall asleep,
On the wrong side perpetually,
I wake up so woefully,

Wheres my smile?
Hidden within,
Wheres thats smile?
Red and thin,

In the night they come to visit,
Demon clowns and friends of mine,
I can never tell the difference,
Make me smile all the time,

Paralyzed with fear this body,
Steadily approach the bed,
Knife is sharp, grin is steady,
My smiles ready, dripping red,

Wheres that smile gone my baby?
Take from me all that I have,
Oh my baby come and visit,
Sit down here, and stay a while,

Little baby, go and leave me,
Just please, dont you forget my smile.