I can remember years ago, watching Chris Rock do his stand up special, roll with the new.  He had a great bit about O.J., in which the punchline went “now I’m not saying he should have done it, but I understand.”  I laughed for years about that, and I laugh harder now that I understand that sentiment so well and so personally.  Another one of his lines from that same bit that rang especially true in retrospect was, “I aint moving back with my momma cause you aint in love”.

How true.  Moving on,


Please, my readers, take a moment to browse through this story before you continue on.



Ok?  Good.

“Eric McLean, 31, had been supporting his wife and family as a pizza deliveryman while working to complete his college degree so he could become a school band director. Even though he said he knew his wife was having an affair, he said he didn’t leave her because he loved her.”

How typical.  How fucking typical.  This bitch gets a guy who loves her, sacrifices his life, his career, everything, just so she could get ahead, and what does she do?

Yup, she fucks her student.  Well no, not just fucks him, takes her kids to the park, with this KID, and holds his hand, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.  Look, at 18, kid or not, you should know better than to be doing that shit.

And at 29, with kids, married, she should have certainly known better.

Hey Beyonce, wheres the song that addresses this kind of fucked up shit that happens all the time?  Men get a bad rap, mostly because of our biology, but women are generally more devious, and insidious.  Leeching away at a man until they have enough to live comfortably without him, and leaving his dried husk behind.  It is this type of calculated audacity that often happens, but it is rarely heard about, why?

Well, thats easy.  Because it is often overshadowed by something outrageous and blatant that a man did.  Such as, shooting the fool who was having some fun banging his teacher.

Could you imagine, giving up your life, your career, your goals, all so you could furnish the opportunity for the person you love to succeed?  And then finding out after all that, they would rather be fucking someone else? 

Anyone who has followed my stories and life up to this point knows how close to home this story hits, but for a moment, try to separate my own sense of monumental betrayal from my words, and try to imagine being smart, wanting to learn, but having to take orders from vincenzo the pizza tosser because it will all be worth it to see your precious ladys dream come true.  And then, you find this out.

It is stories like this that serve to reinforce my idea that selfish behavior is the key to sanity.  Do for yourself, let everyone else take care of their own shit, and realize that the only true love is self love. 


Now look dear reader, I’m not saying he should have done it…..

……..but I understand

(its just too bad you missed one whitebread),


Live it, Love it (but dont cheat on it with a student),