[But the 37-year-old insists there is a big romance story in his life — he’s trying to reconcile with his estranged wife, Lori, with whom he has three kids.

The pair wed in 1989 but have had a turbulent marriage.

Howard adds, “I’m still married. I’m still trying to get my wife back.

“I’m always gonna … ’til she puts the last nail in that coffin, and I’m hoping she don’t. (She) filed for divorce but I’m still trying to campaign. My three kids are campaigning for me, too.

“They’ll make sure that anybody who comes sniffing around gets a bloody nose.” ]



And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the great Terrence Howard.

Sure, that man could be out there, with plenty of money, banging a swath through loose hollywood vaginas, but what is he doing?  He is trying to save his marriage, and making sure his kids know that even though daddy is a hotshot, he loves their mommy and that his marriage and his children are first priority.

Not only that, he is advocating violence from his children to drive away potential homewreckers. That is brilliant, ballsy, and beautiful.

In a world full of horrible tabloid stories, this one has surprisingly been absent from supermarket news stands, why?  Simple, because it is about a decent human being, just trying to do the right thing.

I have gone so far as to draft a letter to Mr. Howard wishing him luck.  I hope for his sake that he married a woman who understands the concept of marriage the way he does, and who has enough self respect to put her commitments and children first.

I have always liked him in the movies, especially since he has a wonderful underdog story.  And I feel he is a terrific actor. 

But now, I have a newfound respect for him, this time as a man.

It is hard for any man to put away our dignity, and self-respect to publicly admit one is trying to work out a relationship.  But for a man of his prominance to pine for his wife of over ten years, is incredible, and rarely seen these days.  Especially in tinseltown.

For my male readers.  Imagine being him for a moment, and the amount of poontang you can command at any time.  And yet, it is his wife he wants.

This is the kind of story that makes me think maybe marriage isn’t the load of crap it turned out to be for me.

I don’t know you Lori, but wake up.  I do, means I do.  Forever.  He may be a husla’ baby, but he is your husband, and he obviously loves you. 

I hope this has a happy ending.


Live it, Love it, (honor it)