Class Discussion.

(Class discussions make me think.  This is not always a good thing.  enjoy!) 

Brad has been dating Angela for going on five years now.  They both have busy schedules, so this leaves little time for them to be together and enjoy each others company.  Yes, things have been going well for this two-some for a good long time now.  Sure they don’t see each other as much as they would like, but the time they spend together is precious to them, and they appreciate every minute.

Ah, but cruel time barrels on, and soon, this little time spent together is not enough, and soon Angela is gone most of the year, and they are spending some weekends and holidays together.  One day, Brad comes home to find Angela sitting on the couch, red-eyed from crying, and his guts clench.  He asks her tentatively what the matter is.

She turns to him, and bursts.  She has been seeing someone else, and not just that, she has developed feelings for this new man.  She thinks she loves him.  Brad quickly asks how that can be, since, she loves him, or so she said countless times.

But they were in love, sweet love, no?

What Brad is about to hear is what most men will hear at some point or another in their lives, and I can guarantee, once you hear it, you will never forget it.

“Brad, its, just that, oh god, I, I love you Brad, but, I’m not IN love with you.”

At this point Brad should scream in her lying face and point out the fact that she could at least have the decency to not provide such a bullshit, copout way of saying the new guy is a) richer b) better looking c) smarter d) hung like a pack mule… etc etc.

But like most men, Brad will slink away to cry into his many pints of lager, wondering what he did wrong.

No Brad, no men of the world, you have done nothing.  Nothing at all. 

A woman will ask a man, “do you love me anymore?”  Most men will either say, yes, or no.  Women on the other hand, have invented this wonderful “nice” way of invalidating everything we have ever been to them.  Lets face it, the end result is not good anyway you say it, but ladies, please,

Cut the bullshit.  “No Brad, I don’t love you.”  There, was that so hard?  Oh sure, you can say, “But Tobas, you horrible misogynist, maybe she does still love Brad, she just doesn’t want to be with him!”

Um, no.  You don’t say something like that to someone you love.  You can be angry, you can want to break up with someone, you could want to kill them.  And yes, you can still be in love with them.

You don’t give that “love” away, not if you are in “love” 

Say it if you mean it.  Otherwise, just shut the fuck up please.

Live it, “Love” it, (and mean it bitch)


5 replies on “Class Discussion.”

  1. Jeanette says:

    Maybe she doesn’t love him anymore. Is that so wrong? You can love a person not love them forever.

    Also, I will say this: Men don’t neccessarily come right out with the truth either, that is bullshit. There are many men (including yourself especially) who will tell anyone, especially women, exactly what they want to hear.

    And there are two sides to every story. Maybe there is a reason he isn’t disclosing as to why she fell out of love with him. Maybe it didn’t go as nicely as he said – don’t take 1 person’s word for anything. I’m done now.

  2. ! says:

    What happened here was Angela acting very cowardly and selfish. Sometimes there is only one side to the story; what happened is what happened, no copout can change that.

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve definitely been there man. I know how you feel. Worst part with me was that I saw it happening.

    In my situation, she had made a “friend.” She would tell me about her meetings with this “friend” and all the supposedly platonic activities they did with each other. And not that a girl doesn’t have the right to have friends, but guys know… they know when a guy is just being a friend to a girl and when a guy is being a “friend” to a girl.

    Because a “friend” is a guy who comforts a girl in her time of need and makes her laugh when she needs a laugh, and does it all because he wants to be the very person that the girl runs to when her current relationship goes down the tubes. In many ways, he’s the one who fills her head with the very ideas that will lead to the relationship’s downfall. And guys can usually sense that because we know how to smell our own.

    Any guy who doesn’t admit that he’s tried to be a “friend” to a girl is lying so most any guy should be able to recognize the standard issue methods. I saw it coming from a mile away and couldn’t stop that “friend” from stealing my girl away.

    The good part was that karma came to bite her on the ass. Because just when she was getting serious with her new guy, that guy just happened to make a “friend” of his own. Though rare, females can be “friends” too. And usually they’re much better at it than guys. My ex got ran off on too.

    So don’t seem so down man…. whoever this Angela really is… I’m sure she’ll get hers in the end.

  4. R says:

    I think im going to go call you the waaaaaaaahmbulance.. freaking snap out of it nancy.

  5. Tobas says:

    Hey! I rarely tell women what they want to hear, which is often why my relationships go as poorly as they do.

    Ah, Joe, how often we have seen the “friend” aka, dick in a glass case.

    Fucking Matt.

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