I walked out from an office today, and the whole world looked so bright,  and I wondered, my god, what is all of this?

I was moving, and I did not move at all, and for a moment I felt the sensation of hurtling through the void at thousands of miles an hour.  Vertigo gripped me, and I staggered drunkenly, feeling infinitely small.

My own fragility momentarily revulsed me, and I imagined a thousand ways to meet demise.  One false move, and pressure will take my life.  Which I question regardless, I am still not yet convinced of its validity.

Is this all really necessary? 

I saw a piled skulls on the science channel, and I put faces on them.  Living breathing faces, that could not conceive of this meaningless pile their cranial shells would one day lie atop.

And so, I am a person, and so were they.

Just another skull atop the pile.

Live it, Love it  (while you can)