Alright then, to satisfy the gods of technorati, I shall provide a prodigious update.

Well no, maybe just a song, since I have spent most of the day singing.

Yes, a song it is.

Six Degrees of separation

All those other times, asking many questions,
Phone calls back and forth changing my direction,
I dont need to know the reasons, now,
Nevermind the why, I’m asking how,

What does a promise mean when living is on order,
And, I don’t want anything but what you said,

Where do these words lead me, nowhere but disorder now,
Once I lived to hear them, now I would rather be dead,

So close to me, almost inside,
Sugar dripping down your thighs,
I bend my head to take a taste,
Side to side not one to waste,
Closer still, almost the middle,
Tongue flexing to make my point,
Play your nerves just, like, a, fiddle…

Memories of bedtimes past, haunt me still even today,
Close, my, eyes,

Far away,
Far away,
Far away,

I blinked, and all those years,
went away,

Now and then, I will come visit,
Dormitory looming near,
Not inside, I feel your prescence,

But not right now my dear,
I have company,
You see,

I have company,
so please,

Go away my love, let me be,
But don’t, please don’t,

Give up, on me,

I gave up,
oh I gave up,
baby when I saw you go,

I gave up,
baby I gave up,
so now I’m dead to you instead,

So, have, some, respect for the dead,

And, let, me, go…

This is done, so done,


You better act…… like you know.



You like?