I promised a show review, so a show review I shall write.

Let me begin this by saying two things, one, I was piss drunk before, after, and during the show, and two, catching a cab by penn station on a thursday night when the temperature is in single digits is near impossible and should not be attempted under any circumstances.  Were I a wiser man, I would have listened to mia and ran right to the subway, which after a full lap around MSG, we did.  Anyway,

I suppose I should start at the beginning.  We left mia’s shortly after 6pm, lucky for me, I remembered that neither of us had brought a camera, and we turned around and fetched her camera before stopping for a six of corona.  Beer in hand, we boarded the LIRR from floral park.  By the time we pulled up to penn, I was already “happy”.  I wont go over getting downtown again, but it was cold, and annoying.

We arrived at Mo Pitkins shortly after 9pm, downstairs it is a small, regular looking bar.  We headed towards the stairs over to the side, and found our way through a door that led to a man with thick black glasses who stamped our wrists with a “confidential” mark, making us feel cool and exclusive.  Looking around, I did notice that we were very much in our own little world, as the others were grouped together and looked far more in their element than we did.

Despite this, when the door to the other room was opened, we immediately grabbed the seats at the far end of the long tables closest to the stage.  I literally sat two feet from Jenny.

We drank our drinks, and watched the others file in.  It wasn’t long before the band was tuning up and Jenny came out on stage, dressed in blue jeans and a pink button-up shirt with blue stripes. 

She was very confident on stage, singing and making jokes in between the songs, which were quite funny.  I was not nearly as composed.  At one point, after she sang a song with Bess Rogers, another singer who was sitting at the table behind us, I decided to make mia’s day.  Mia had mentioned to me that Bess had sent her a myspace message telling her that she enjoyed some of her stuff, so, being a drunk idiot, I took this as my cue to greet Bess and introduce her to Mia as if she should know who that was.

Tobas:  “Bess Rogers, this is Mia Costa!”

Bess: “Oh, hi there.”

Tobas: “Bess Rogers, this IS, MIA COSTA!”

Bess: “Erm, nice to meet you.”

Tobas: “Bess Ro-

(At this point, Mia quietly, but furiously whispered in my ear “I fucking HATE you.”)

I then turned around and tried to ignore her eyes burning holes through my scapula.  Lucky for me, Jenny had already begun singing her next song and like the others, it was very, very good.  My personal favorites were “fuck was I”, and her cover of “hot in here” by nelly.  Sadly, she did not sing her Kelly Clarkson cover, or my favorite tune off her LP, “voice on tape”, but I know I will be seeing her again in concert, so I am sure I will have the opportunity to loudly request it.

Her voice was crisp and beautiful, her band was in tune and provided adequate backup vocals, the highlight of which were the wonderwall lyrics sung during the nelly cover.  It was fun and sounded great.  

The biggest complaint I could offer was the length.  I wish it was a longer set, the girl is just a pleasure to listen to. 

But, I was not done making an ass out of myself.

After the set was over, Jenny came down off the short stage, and began chatting with the fans, and since we were basically right in front of her face, we were the first ones to have some chit-chat with her, it was at this point that I regretted my decision to drink heavily very much.  I would have loved to talk to her about her music, and her career, and asked her coherent questions, instead, a mortified mia looked on as I babbled my nonsense to her hero.  Here we are then, my talk with Ms. Youngs, somewhat verbatim,

Jenny:  “Hi there”

Tobas: “Hi, I’m Tobash!  From Tobashwritesyourlife.com  I loved your show, I love your mushic!”

Jenny: “Oh thank you, yes, you sent me a message on myspace?”

(In my drunken mind, I swelled, thinking, haha!  she remembers me!)

Tobas: “Yes, yes, I do interbiews on my site, well, no, I haven’t yet, but I want to interbiew you, that would be great.”

Jenny: “Yeah, my myspace is filtered, it doesn’t go through me, someone else gets all that.”

Tobas: “Oh, ok”  (quickly deflated)

Jenny: “Sure, an interview sounds cool, of course I would do it.”

(I quickly turned to look at mia, whose jaw had dropped, no doubt expecting a different respose, for that matter, mine had as well)

Tobas: “Wow, great, yeah, I wanna ashk you shome queshtions.”

Jenny: “Wait, what, you mean, like an interview right now? ::little nervous laugh::”

Tobas: “Oh, um, no, no, at shome point in the fusure ::even more nervous drunken gaffaw::”

(Please note that she was much nicer than she any right to be, considering my wide-eyed, drunken stalkerish stare, I have a feeling that if I wasn’t with my pretty girlfriend, things may have gone a bit differently.  But the girl is very down to earth, none of that uppity nonsense you get from these other folksy girl singers, hah)

The rest is a blur, because once I realized I pretty much blew it completely, I turned around and began drinking my beer with a vengence. 

She turned around and moved on to the other tables, and we left. 

I don’t remember too much after that, I can recall sadly eating a big mac in penn station, and then waking up with a headache that made decapitation seem like a sensible option.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and the truth of the matter is, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  Am I going to get an interview?  Probably not, but it was fun as hell.

I highly recommend going to see Jenny Owen Youngs, or even just listening to her music if you can get it.

So, thank you Mia Costa, for being an awesome girlfriend, and somewhat a good sport, thank you Jenny Owen Youngs for being a sweet vocalist and entertaining me, and finally, thank you alcohol, for making me feel warm despite my lack of clothing, and for allowing me to make a collossal fool out of myself.   

(Side note:  This is being posted under Tobas True Hollywood stories, she may not be worldwide, but shes more famous than you! foooo!)

Live it, Love it (Drink it!)