For those of you paying attention, you may notice a slight editing job taking place on the site.  Unfortunately, these things are beyond my control, and I am being forced to comply in a nice way. 

Danielle Saga is cancelled until further notice as well. 

It’s unfortunate that I cannot write about a chapter in my life that has pretty much defined it up until this point.  But I cannot cure the paranoia of others, so, until I can find a way to ensure I will not be angering anyone, or potentially being taken to court, the most pivotal chapter in my life must remain under wraps.

It’s a pity, because there were some wonderful pictures of the boys, and my wedding that I wanted to share, because no matter how it ended, it really was a beautiful story.

Anyway, there are plenty of other fun things to write about, which I will be doing.  But that would have been like therapy.  Oh well.

More later.

Live it, Love it (But dont you dare write about it)