Due to personal circumstances beyond my control I have been slacking awfully.  However, I have cheerfully let go of these burdensome thoughts and concerns and furthermore, have decided to let all go on their merry way in peace.  Peace, pieces, hey, same thing, right?

Anyway, it is because of these aforementioned circumstances that I wavered on writing the third part of the Danielle saga.  But, being the prolific prognosticator that I am, I have decided that any further hesitation on my part would serve no purpose, except to deny my adoring public (read: my girlfriend, my sister, several friends, my ex-wifes nosy meddlesome friend(s), and a handful of confused individuals searching for vaginal cream that were provided a link to my song parody blog) entertaining and uncomfortable details about my history and personal life.

I firmly believe that people who insist on keeping details of their lives private, merely for the sake of privacy are insane and paranoid individuals who should not be trusted.  So therefore, I try to be as open as possible, with things that may or may not have any real impact on anything.  For example, my entire life.  So, except for a very few small details, my life is an open book, which in time, I am hoping most of you will read.

I am certainly a quirky human being to say the least.

*And frankly, I could care less what anyone really thinks.

So, work on the third part of the saga will begin tonight, which being the last part, will be composed of three separate entries, covering what I believe were three distinct eras in our relationship.  Sticking to a Star Wars theme, it will tentatively be titled,

**Danielle, Revenge of the —–!

Like everything else in my life, whether it is serious or not, I’m going to have some fun with this. 

Stay Tuned.

Live it, Love it (but don’t truss it) 


*There are a few of you that do matter, opinion-wise, but that number gets smaller and smaller every day.

**Before you Star Wars nerds out there start correcting me, remember that the original title of the third film was ‘Revenge of the Jedi’, it was changed by lucas post production.