After much debate, I have decided that the events of last night have left me less than capable of beginning the saga of the Danielles tonight, so instead, I will myspace blog the events of last night.  I am shooting for Tuesday to start the Danielle saga, bear in mind dear reader, I am also doing some research, and preparing photos as well.

Tonight, for example, I took photographs of a 17-year old valentines day card.  It was amazing it stayed in such good shape after all of these years.  Why did I keep that?  Why did I preserve it?

Also bear in mind, this is the only piece of pre-wife girl memorabilia in existence.  So, this thing must be pretty important.

On another totally unrelated topic.  I have decided I fucking hate my haircut utterly and completely.  Oh well, short locks, here we come.


Live it, Love it,






(here is a short preview, there will be many more like this as the saga rolls on)

stay tuned.