So, what is next anyway?

Let us look at the definition, shall we?


  1. Nearest in space or position; adjacent: the next room.
  2. Immediately following, as in time, order, or sequence: next week; the next item on the list.


  1. In the time, order, or place nearest or immediately following: reading this book next; our next oldest child.
  2. On the first subsequent occasion: when next I write.


The next person or thing: The next will be better.

The next, will be better.  So, in essence, this is really about letting go.  I have never been good at this mind you.  I pretend to, but it still tears me inside.  I want to go to the “next” place, which is the place right after something hurts me, or reminds me of something hurtful.  It is the place where I look back, and say, I was there, and now I am here.  Here is better.

Easier said than done, I know.  Still, I really want to be there, and this time, I think I can. 

Something changed today, which by the way, was maybe the best sequence of night into day I may have ever had,  and I mean ever.  And this new years definitely ranks amongst the best, if not the best, ever.

So, when something gets me down, that is the new magic word.



(lots of updates coming very soon.  And a new short story.  And yes, I finally will be doing interviews.  Oh, and I will be seeing jenny owens young liveeeee.)