“40 love” 


Oh my dear, you make me hurt,
And I can’t tell which one hurts worse,
Holding me hostage with your invisible gun,
Must be fun,

Find that spot and squeeze, oh baby,
Make me beg you please my baby,
The cards are yours when you hold that gun,
Must be fun,

I will wait as long as I have to,
Patience brings a thicker hide,
Soon that lead will not go through,
The shell of my enormous pride,

So put that gun away, put that weapon down,
Do you hear that sound?
It’s the scraping of my knees,
It’s me standing on my feet,
Looking down now,
At you instead,
Laughing when you turn it on your head,

So long baby,
So long they seem,
Days of lacking self-esteem,
But I’m too strong to abide here,
Your very worst fear,

When I rise up and make myself,
And you get put back on the shelf,
All alone now,
And I wont say I saw it coming,
And I wont say, I saw right through,
I will try to swallow my tongue,
A life well lived is better food,

Once before I tried to save you,
Once again I did the same,
Twice it seemed you turned a deaf ear,
My condolences on your shame,

I cared enough to see, you know,
Shame you left me for a sumo,
Spread the salt, bless the ring,
Never mind the awful sting,
My god, oh god,
What a terrible loss,

I sure hope you feel that toss,

I will not die because you want me to,
I will not go where you want me to,
Righteous life is where I’m headed,
Turn to someone you never knew,

What did you think was going to happen?
Fairy tales of sick betrayal?
What did you think was going to happen baby?
You could live because you say so?

 And I will never try to forget,
And I will keep this close to me,
And I will win the final set,
Count the days and you will see.