Whew.  I had planned on telling the story of what happened to the guy I worked with, but I am so disgusted at the moment, that I may have to hold off on that tale.  Mainly because it is about decency and loyalty, which unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with.


Ho, ho, hoes
Merry Christmas little chil’rens,
Papa papi has gifts to give!

Lil’ balls to sink and play,
Lil’ gats to load today,
Many toys to make daddy angry,
Lil’ portions keep me hungry,

I don’t care, what happens to you,
No daddy, but thats what lil’ mami calls me,
I’ll just be here ’til I’m through,

I have no pride, no dignity,
Take something so precious,
For me,

Steal two lives, with my accomplice,
She should know better,
Let’s be irresponsible together,

Funny thing that is,
You were wondering what we had in common,
Lil’ white and grotesque brown,

But there it is, in plain sight,
Not giving a flying fuck,
Who goes down.


Oh, do I sound bitter?  It’s unhealthy isn’t it?

Fuck anyone that thinks that,

The only thing that is unhealthy is a loving father denied a life with his children, this is a fucking disgrace.


3 replies on “Fury.”

  1. "anonymous" says:

    ..just wanted to say that there is no need to end this with a comment about your bitterness.

    I happen to agree with you 100%. This is sad, and you have every right to be feeling this way. (and im sorry)

    That is all.

  2. Your Sister says:

    OK, first of all, we happen to know how gross this Papi guy is – I mean, I am not sure if he got his education out of a crackerjack box or what, but it’s clear he is straight out of the GHETTO….(not to mention the other things which will remain unspoken, it’s a small world!)
    Seriously, mami? papi?, its embarrassing, but it is what it is, and one day it will be even funnier than it is now.
    You will always be the kids’ father and this guy, well, just some guy that was mommy’s “friend”. Kids are VERY smart, especially yours, they sense these things.

    Money does NOT buy happiness, it is very clear, so don’t get distracted by that. I constantly tell you this because it’s true. I am sad for you because it took you so long to wake up and realize what we had been telling you all along. You were a slave to someone who was too proud to take the bus to work and who was miraculously able to drive AFTER you spent YEARS driving her and her family around like a sucker.

    However, you are only 28 years old and super intelligent (with a dysfunctional family, but still VERY supportive).
    You need to remain friendly with the Ex and continue to be a good father to your children….they get enough time with you for you to be able to undo any signs or Ebonics talk or un-classy actions. If it gets really bad, I will pay for their etiquette classes (for real, I will not have dirty, classless nephews running around!).

    Listen, I know that you will end up with true love….you are well on your way.
    Everything is going to be just fine, I know it……its already looking up…..you are just not seeing it yet.

  3. Your Sister says:

    I would like to take this opportunity to respond to myself with:
    oh no you di’in

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