Alright now, we shakin now,
Make it hot we bakin now,
Move that thing I’ll show you how,
Come on over, take it now,

Left side, hands on hips,
Right side, back on lips,
Feel that rhythm, feel the funk,
Hawk me baby like a punk,

Like BEP I got the phunk,
Found lil jon and stole the crunk,
One, two, feel this rhythm,
Punish bodies unforgiving,

(chorus)’Twist it right,
Twist it right,
Rock rock that body all damn night,’

‘Twist me right,
Twist me right,
I’ll rock your body all damn night,'(fin)

Put these words now to a rhythm,
Shake that, shake that,
Snake it baby, snake it baby, snake it baby like a cobra,
Like G.I. Joe I’ll work it ova,

Spin those hips baby one last time,
Make me wish you were still mine,
Make you dance until you sit,
Alone I show I can still rock it,

(repeat chorus)

And that, ladies and gentleman, was me writing a song for fergie.

Or any other pop queen who needs lyrics.

That took all of five minutes.

that rhymed.

(damn I’m good).